Gender roles- Gender roles are very important in the Samoan culture. Just as one would imagine typical gender roles, Men are expected to bring in the money and go to work while women cook and clean to provide for the working men. "Girls are rare in comparison to males so it is very important for families to take care of them. At a young age "no very intense friendships are made" (Mead 61). Families keep their daughters busy and do not like them interacting with others to avoid branching out from the family. Another important thing to discuss when bringing up the lack of women in Samoa is the discussion of Fa'afafine. Their solution to needing more women is raising the youngest of their male children to be a female. "In fact, being a Fa'afaine or the practice of males adopting female gender roles and the attributes traditionally associated with women is deeply embedded in much of Polynesia. Some Polynesian elders believe there are boys born with the Fa'afafine spirit, "while others say it can be nurtured" (SBS News: Fa'afafine).