In Samoa, religion is very important to their culture. 99% of Samoans participate in some religion and actively go to church (Countries and their Cultures, n.d). Traditional Samoan culture has many religious practices that would be seen as superstitious. For example, "Strange as it seems, ancient Samoans maintain that they came directly from Heaven. Presumably, this is one reason the Samoans are so proud. Tell a Samoan that he originally that he came from a foreign land, and you will immediately lose his friendship. To him it is an insult." ( Su'apa'ia 20). Their status in government was so important to their culture. "The Samoans deified their chiefs in the past and they still consider them today as divine beings on Earth and they are honored as such by the people. The great power and influence of the kinds and chief council throughout thousands of generations in the past serve to keep Samoa a united and happy people." (Su'apa'ia 23). Other superstitious ideas related to "Sickness and death were always traced to a displeased God" (Su'apa'ia 66). They believed that "Evil spirits are believed to enter at will into a human being. Special herbs are pulverised and rubbed on a person afflicted to drive away the Aitu" (Su'apa'ia 66). To protect their families, the father would "bury in the ground, some clam shells from the sea. Four reeds or more are stuck around the shells. The reeds are then tied together at the top in a bunch to form a ball symbolizing the head of the thief" (Su'apa'ia 83).In modern Samoa however, Christianity has become the standard of religion. Missionaries from The Church of Latter Day Saints and Roman Catholic Churches have formed churches all over Samoa.